What to do when what you’re doing isn’t working

former student sits back down in front of her webcam, having found the tissues she was looking for. She wipes her eyes and laughs and points out there are tears on the lenses of her glasses.

She pauses for a…

The Ingredients of Memorable Moments

ve been staring at a poster for a bullfight for more than ten minutes whispering John Prine lyrics to myself. The streets are cold and smell like diesel.

Even with your eyes closed, you’d know you’re in Europe.

I’ve long lost the hope for any place to open up early…

Creating authentic connections despite lame networking questions

You know the moment…you’re out with a friend and y’all bump into someone they know from high school — so everyone gets introduced.

Shortly after the small talk dissipates, the person you just met looks at you and says: “So…what do you do?”

And you freeze.

Maybe your face flushes.

We achieve our goals when we build habits to reach them

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

[A brief and uncomfortable update: 2020 is halfway over.]

girlfriend and I spent a few hours recently crafting our vision for the next several years; during this process it hit me how quickly time is passing.

Each morning I sit on my front porch and watch our dog wade…

We cannot control pain, but we can dance with it

My cab slows to a stop and I’m already 20 minutes late for a four-day personal development retreat in Chicago, and I’m feeling stressed. I don’t like to be late.

I step in a puddle while crossing the intersection toward the nondescript building I’ve been instructed to find, wheeling my…

A guide

No one can know what we need until we tell them

We have peace lilies in the corner of our breakfast nook. They are my favorite plant in the house, blooming with white flowers every week.

What I’ve come to admire about this plant is its ability to communicate; it slumps every seven days to let us know it needs to…

A Parable

How to foster healthier and more productive collaboration

he day after Thanksgiving a semi-truck rolls in to Austin, Texas with over 500 Christmas items — including about 50 trees ranging in height from 5 to 13 feet.

And I’ve got a problem.

We need to get all of this greenery organized before our pop-up shop opens in 36…

Reagan Pugh

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